Shoosmiths health & safety policy

Policy Statement for Shoosmiths LLP and any other subsidiary or group companies.

The Partners of Shoosmiths LLP and any subsidiary companies recognise their moral and legal obligations and responsibilities with regard to health, safety and welfare and act upon the same, providing sufficient resources to include financial resources, time, training and advisory support using internal and external specialists provided to ensure compliance.

As an office-based business we recognise the importance of providing an ergonomic and hybrid working environment for our valued employees.

It is our policy to take all reasonably practicable steps to minimise the risks to the health and safety of employees and others during their work activities to include clients, visitors, and members of the public so far as is reasonably practical by:-

  1. The provision and maintenance of safe plant and equipment
  2. Undertaking risk assessments, implement control measure and establishing and maintaining safe systems of work in relation to our activities
  3. Collecting and disseminating up-to-date information on health hazards and risks and minimising and controlling the use of hazardous substances and articles by ensuring their safe storage, handling, use and transportation encountered in our work activities
  4. Providing suitable information, instruction, training and supervision for employees
  5. Providing and maintaining safe and healthy working conditions
  6. Consulting with employees on matters affecting their health and safety
  7. The allocation of duties in relation to safety matters and the arrangements to implement the policy set out in the Planning, Responsibilities, Arrangements, Monitoring and Review sections of the full policy document which constitute an integral part of this Policy.

The Policy will be amended and updated to take account of legislative, best practice, workplace growth and personnel changes. To ensure this, the Policy and the way it is operated will be reviewed at least annually. Due consideration will be given to consultation with employees affected before any material changes are made.

The Policy will be made available to all employees at their induction and on the intranet. Those parts of the Policy that affect contractors and visitors will be made available to them.

The firm strives for continuous improvement in health and safety with the objective of attaining the highest standards in safety performance supported by our internal annual audit review and seek the co-operation of all concerned in the carrying through of our commitment.


Signed: David Jackson, Chief Executive Shoosmiths LLP
Date: 1 May 2023