Shoosmiths' support for the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance - one year on

We have a duty to protect our planet and the responsibility to preserve the environment for the early talent we recruit, which is why we are a signatory of the Sustainable Recruitment Pledge.

During the year 2022-2023, The Shoosmiths emerging talent team continued to focus on opportunities to cut waste and make carbon savings, taking measurable actions in the early talent space.

This included:

  • The full reduction in merchandise (typically used at careers fairs and events) to zero;
  • a conscious choice to serve 70% vegetarian food vs 30% meat at recruitment events;
  • continually reminding suppliers and internal teams of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and how they could assist – such as ensuring minimal plastic and non-recyclable materials when placing orders with caterers (such as food platters/trays), or using social enterprises where available;
  • a move to deliver more careers events and workshops online, rather than a need to attend them in person, therefore reducing travel commitments by around 60%;
  • a change in the format and locations of the assessment centres to reduce the travel distances for candidates and assessors (reducing travel for around 200 people);
  • The emerging talent team travelled by train to our furthest office in Scotland rather than flying (for the assessment centres and insight evenings, which have to be attended in-person);
  • promotion of our commitments to students and stakeholders, through social media;
  • a mindset that is not afraid to challenge ‘what has always been done’ in order to promote new ways of working;
  • developing a sustainability theme as part of the firm’s trainee solicitor assessment centres as a way to upskill and share a realistic preview of both the firm’s commitment to sustainable practices, but also the opportunity to become a legal expert in this field; and
  • reducing paperwork handouts, surveys and expenses forms, and sending them via email or Microsoft forms, this includes running paper light assessment centres, with the use of the TopScore online platform, saving around 1,000 sheets of paper and printing, and running paperless insight evenings, also saving around 1,000 sheets of paper and printing.

Our people strategy is all about nurturing an environment that inspires our people, captures the imagination, and celebrates the value of our difference; an environment that acts as a beacon for attracting other curious and driven people.

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To find out more about the work of the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance please their website

Sustainable Recruitment Alliance


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