Data mapping: Navigate with precision

In today's data-driven landscape, understanding the flow and structure of information is paramount. For some, data mapping is not only a strategic advantage but also a statutory obligation.

Data mapping empowers businesses by providing comprehensive insights into their data ecosystem, enabling informed decision-making and unlocking untapped potential.

Gain unparalleled clarity and control over your organization's data with mapping expertise from Shoosmiths’ industry leading data privacy team.

How it works


With Automated Data Compliance, our seasoned team of experts streamline the process of mapping your data onto leading data management platforms, leveraging existing work or automating data collection from across your organization.


Our experts then calibrate off-the-shelf platforms to align seamlessly with your unique business model, providing you with invaluable insights for compliance, assessment and ongoing management.


Experience scalable reporting and dashboard capabilities that deliver real-time insights into potential risks, empowering you to make informed decisions regarding data management and compliance.


Our implementation and optimization phases are then backed up with ongoing support meaning your data map remains dynamic and evergreen, adapting to changes in your organization and regulatory landscape.

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