Competition law compliance

About this course

Make no mistake about it; compliance matters. And when it comes to competition law, it really matters - which is why our competition law compliance training is essential for businesses to complete.

Course description

This course guides you through the critical 'dos and don'ts' under the competition law rules. It provides practical guidance on how to recognise and handle situations where competition law might apply. The impact of the competition law rules varies from business to business, depending on the nature of the markets in which they operate. Our course can be tailored to address the 'real-life' issues that your business faces.

Topics covered include

  • contacts with competitors
  • commercial arrangements with customers
  • market power issues
  • communication and the use of language
  • competition investigations

What you will learn

  • what you can and can't do
  • when you should seek further advice
  • when the activities of others may infringe the legislation
  • identify the main risks to a business of non-compliance with competition law
  • apply established 'dos and don'ts' when in contact with competitors
  • recognise potential competition issues affecting trading arrangements with customers and suppliers
  • recognise how competition law impacts on businesses with a dominant market position
  • avoid communicating in a manner which might lead to suspicion of competition law infringement
  • describe how competition law is enforced in the UK

Who is this course for?

The course is aimed at all those within the business who could potentially come across competition law issues in their day-to-day activities - in particular those with customer or supplier facing roles, plus any staff that have contact with members of competitor businesses.

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