Conducting a thorough disciplinary investigation

About this course

Many managers must deal with an employee's misconduct or poor performance. Going through disciplinary procedures can become a key part of your role as a manager. You may also be brought in to conduct a disciplinary investigation as an independent contributor to a disciplinary process.

Course description

This course highlights problems that can arise during disciplinary investigations and provides practical guidance on how to deal with these.

Topics covered include

  • key legal principles
  • formal action
  • investigations
  • obtaining evidence
  • the outcome

What you will learn

  • anticipate typical problems that can arise during disciplinary investigations
  • anticipate the key areas an Employment Tribunal would consider in determining whether an employee's dismissal is fair
  • conduct disciplinary investigations
  • identify the key legal principles of employment law related to disciplinary investigations
  • recognise the circumstances under which formal action may be necessary
  • recognise the circumstances in which an investigation may be necessary
  • determine if suspension of the employee is appropriate
  • identify the factors that may influence the scale and duration of the investigation
  • apply good practice to the conduct of an investigation
  • manage the contribution of witnesses
  • recognise and obtain appropriate evidence
  • initiate appropriate actions based on the outcome of the investigation 

Who is this course for?

This course provides critical legal information and useful practical guidance for anyone acting in a human resource capacity or responsible for directly managing staff.

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