Managing your contractual position

About this course

In today's fast-moving environment it is common for businesses to fail to pay attention to their contracting procedures and then suffer the consequences. These may include unexpected losses, disputes and reputational damage. These can be avoided if those involved in the purchasing process are better informed.

Course Description

This course provides some basic guidance on contractual relationships aimed at those acting for or representing organisations who are purchasing goods and/or services. The guidance provided is from the point of view of the customer (rather than the supplier), and the content reflects the English law position.

Topics covered include

  • Contracting Partners
  • The Quality of Goods and Services Purchased
  • Binding Contracts
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Signing and Dating Contracts

What you will learn

  • reduce the risk of contractual disputes
  • recognise the legal position in commonly arising contractual disputes
  • resolve issues in a practical and commercial way
  • preserve the relationship with your supplier
  • seek legal solutions if negotiations fail
  • recognise the necessity to establish precisely with whom you are contracting
  • recognise the need to conduct credit checks of your contractual partner
  • recognise the need to create detailed and precise specifications
  • identify the criteria under which a contract can be binding
  • distinguish which terms and conditions govern a contract
  • describe your rights and remedies in the context of a supplier default
  • distinguish between direct and indirect loss
  • recognise the necessity for clarity and care in relation to signing and dating contracts

Who is this course for?

This course is designed for contract managers, commercial managers, procurement managers and those in similar roles or with similar responsibilities in the all types of business. 

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