Shoosmiths LIVE: How to make the most of a Mentoring Scheme

In this Facebook live video, graduate recruitment manager, Samantha Hope talks about the benefits of joining a mentoring scheme, and how you can get the most out of the experience.

Shoosmiths Graduates frequently work in conjunction with university careers departments to run mentoring schemes with students and are currently working in partnership with Nottingham law school.

The video and blog will provide useful tips and advice to all who are considering taking part in a similar scheme.

What is mentoring?

  • We consider the process of mentoring to be a friendship with a professional edge.
  • The relationship is used to support, coach and share knowledge, in an informal and safe space.
  • Onus is on the mentee to proactively build the relationship with the full cooperation of the mentor.
  • Expectations from both parties should be set in relation to what they both want to achieve from the scheme.
  • Partnerships should work out which method and frequency of communication works for them and aim to stick to this where possible for e.g. meeting for coffee twice a year, or monthly phone calls.

What are the benefits of a mentoring scheme?

For a mentor?

  • It is an opportunity to enhance their communication, coaching and supervisory skills, supporting their own career development.
  • Mentoring can be a rewarding opportunity to gain satisfaction and witness how advice and support is used by others to achieve their goals.

For a mentee?

  • Mentoring is an opportunity to build a supportive network, to ask questions and gain first hand advice.
  • The relationship provides a platform for setting and achieving goals and objectives efficiently.
  • It provides the chance to reflect and gain constructive feedback and to continually challenge yourself.
  • It is an opening to gain a first hand insight into a firm and the daily tasks of a trainee/solicitor.

What makes a good mentor?

  • Awareness of the importance of confidentiality, trust and Integrity within the relationship.
  • Good listening skills.
  • Being honest and able to deliver constructive feedback.
  • Ability to reflect and review goals and objectives recognising weaknesses and making suggestions in terms of future development.
  • Impartial and unbiased with their advice.
  • Committed to making time for their mentee.

What questions could mentees ask?

  • Mentors will have first-hand experience of the situations and challenges that mentees are facing so ask them to give their accounts ranging from first embarking on a career in law to where they are in their career today.
  • Ask specific questions as to how they resolved a situation or dealt with a problem.
  • What is the most useful advice they were given in terms of application advice.
  • Be proactive and ask a mentor for their feedback.
  • Use the relationship to discuss legal topics and debates to increase your commercial awareness.

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