The increasing global demand for renewable energy solutions, alongside the pursuit of competitive returns, encompasses a wide range of clean technology and renewables. These encompass various renewable energy sources, energy storage, energy efficiency, clean water, land, and air technologies, all aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollution.

The common thread is the emphasis on smarter resource utilisation and attractive returns for investors and users. Moreover, renewable energy and cleantech projects offer opportunities for monetising emission reductions, a pivotal element in project financing. In this forward-thinking landscape, partnering with adaptable and innovative lawyers is essential. Shoosmiths collaborates with clients to navigate regulatory impacts and foster compliance, identifying growth opportunities within new regulatory frameworks. With a global focus on cleantech, emission reductions, and renewable energy, Shoosmiths provides both local support and international reach to drive projects and deliver innovative solutions across the renewable energy sector, including expertise in carbon offset agreements, project development, and regulatory assessments.

What we do

At the forefront of innovation, the cleantech team takes pride in assisting clients in a wide array of decarbonisation solutions, which span from:

  • Innovations in energy trading and distribution, including peer to peer markets
  • Blockchain and AI in climate and energy applications
  • Future mobility
  • IOT and open data protocols for sustainable innovation projects
  • Optimisation and digital twins

How we do it

Shoosmiths serves as a comprehensive resource for clients in the cleantech industry, offering guidance that spans from:

  • Worldwide IP protection and exploitation
  • Funding and growth, from early-stage Seed Rounds and innovation grant funding, full EIS/SEIS capability through to strategic corporate investment,  IPOs and exits
  • Regulatory and compliance, both in the UK and overseas
  • Commercial contracts on supply, manufacturing, SaaS and more

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