Cyber security: Resiliency by Shoosmiths

In the digital age, cyber security and system resiliency are not just technology issues, they’re legal ones too. 

Cyber security

The legal landscape is adapting to the ever-evolving cyber threats and the cost of cybercrime is predicted to hit £8.4 trillion by 2025. In addition to cyber threats, as we become ever more reliant on digital infrastructure to power our critical infrastructure, laws aimed at strengthening the way in which organisations embed resiliency into their infrastructure, information processing systems and connected devices has become a priority for law makers.

In Europe, with the advent of new cyber resiliency frameworks, including the NIS2 Directive (NIS2) the Digital Operational Resiliency Act (DORA) and the Directive of Resiliency of Critical Entities (CER) and, the soon to be passed, Cyber Resiliency Act (CRA) (to name but a few), the regulatory landscape has adapted in way which places InfoSec at the forefront of an organisation’s legal and risk posture. Navigating this complex and continually shifting landscape presents a sizeable challenge for organisations moving into 2024 and beyond.

Resiliency by Shoosmiths

Our firm offers a multidisciplinary team of experts who cater to a range of specialisms and sectors, including critical sectors such as telecoms, energy, and financial services. We understand that each sector has unique challenges and requirements, and through Resiliency by Shoosmiths we are able to assist your organisation in creating and implementing Data Governance frameworks that are tailored to your sectoral needs.

Core tenets of our offering

NIS2 directive

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To assist you on your journey to NIS2 compliance, we have prepared the following useful downloads; NIS2 directive, NIS2 checklist and NIS2 river flow for compliance. Download all three here.


NIS2 guidance documentation


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