Internet & social media

The ever-accelerating technology revolution has generated exciting opportunities and with it, a growing regulatory focus to protect consumers in this new digital reality. Our strong sector experience and pre-eminent legal knowledge means we can confidently advise and guide our clients to effectively navigate a successful digital market strategy.

What we do

Recent years have seen a notable rise in e-commerce consumer strategies, and our team have been at the forefront of this move. We dedicate resource to future gaze by keeping track of proposed regulatory developments and contribute to and steer clients in response to consultations (recent examples include increasing regulatory focus concerning: dark patterns, drip pricing, fake reviews and misuse of AI).

The breadth of our experience and skills means that we are well placed to work in step with our clients to implement powerful and effective digital consumer compliance processes to ensure that they can focus on providing the best product offerings and customer experiences.

How we do it

Our cross-discipline legal team provides comprehensive advice to clients across the digital markets, whether navigating the complex, ever-increasing compliance requirements affecting e-commerce and marketplace operators or supporting new commercialisation and marketing opportunities which social media engagement presents.

Our dedicated team have worked closely with global businesses on the development and launch of e-commerce platform solutions. We provide strategic and regulatory advice on the complex compliance requirements for effective consumer e-commerce offerings including end-to-end support in the development of a customer e-commerce journey.

Social media is an emerging space with numerous pitfalls for both brands and influencers. The team supports clients with advertising campaigns, social media competitions and prize draws. Our specialist knowledge of the growing commercial opportunities within social media means the team works on some of the most exciting and innovative commercialisation and marketing projects taking place online.

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