Our team possesses a wealth of experience in providing guidance and support to individuals and organizations at the forefront of the educational technology revolution. We offer advice to innovators, developers, and educational institutions harnessing the potential of technology for enhancing education.

What we do

Our team is well-equipped to provide guidance and support to Ed-tech companies at every stage of their journey, offering invaluable assistance from inception to exit strategy. We excel in various phases, which encompass company formation, securing investments, nurturing, and documenting product development, facilitating scalable operations, and strategizing for a successful exit. Our advisory services are tailored for clients specialising in:

  • Assistive technology;
  • Digital textbooks and e-learning resources;
  • Education data-management and analytics;
  • Educational apps and software;
  • E-learning and courses;
  • Learning management systems (LMS);
  • Online assessment;
  • Platforms for student career planning

How we do it

Our dedicated EdTech advisors draw upon years of industry experience, the exchange of knowledge, and thought leadership to excel in the dynamic and continuously evolving educational technology landscape. Our areas of expertise encompass:

  • B2B and B2C contracting;
  • Data protection, GDPR and data transferring for international ed-tech businesses;
  • Exit strategy and sales of Ed Tech businesses;
  • Incorporation, angel, seed fund, venture capital series A and series B investment into Ed-tech companies;
  • PE investment;
  • SaaS agreements

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