Our proptech team recognises the unique legal requirements of both emerging and established proptech companies and their funders.

What we do

By combining the knowledge of various technology experts across different specialisms we help to secure intellectual property protection, assist with UK data protection and privacy regulations and guide your company and founders through the full business life-cycle, growing your operation from first and subsequent funding rounds through to a successful exit.  All of this is done with full-service, specialist real estate lawyers on hand who understand and guide you in your technology implementation within the sectors in which your business operates.

How we do it

Utilising many years’ market expertise, including through partnering with third-party professional technology organisations such as tech supercluster, SuperTechwm, the proptech team uses its up-to-the-minute thought leadership for:

  • Lending – helping VCs ensure that their funding is secured for both venture and growth capital investments;
  • Initial funding – advising on Series Seed and Series A funding for new and developing proptech companies;
  • Growth and sale – assisting more developed proptech companies with the additional nuances of later Series B, C and D funding rounds as well as preparing and completing successful exits;
  • Regulation and compliance – navigating the bespoke, complex regulatory landscape that proptech requires including providing advice on data privacy, cybersecurity compliance, licensing of software/AI systems, and drafting technology service agreements;
  • Joint ventures – ensuring proptech-based joint ventures are properly documented for the significant associated contract values and terms.

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How the world’s biggest asset class faces digital disruption

We have produced a Sifted Intelligence report with Pi Labs which investigates how tech is reshaping real estate. Download the report here.


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