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Innovative legal support at a fixed price

The demands placed on commercial in-house legal teams have never been greater. There is pressure to reduce costs (both head-count and external spend) while still processing the day-to-day requirements.

We understand that a 'one size fits all approach' doesn't work for our clients. We will build a solution that is designed to give you an effective resource solution that works best for your business and that offers the best value for money: providing the resource you require more flexibly and at lower cost than traditional models can offer.

How our Resource Solutions work

Our Resource Solutions draw on the components described on the pages linked below, which we have developed from working extensively with many in-house legal teams.

Using these as ingredients, we will design a Resource Solution entirely bespoke to your needs and budget. The result is a solution that fully meets your requirements for legal support while offering better value for money than more traditional means (such as further in-house recruitment or buying external legal advice on an hourly rate).

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Explore our innovative resource-based solutions Resource Pool and Flexible SecondmentsCia® and Live Working via the links below:

Our clients challenged us to come up with a way of helping them to manage that increasing workload, for a price that is far more competitive than out-dated hourly-rate based fee models. Our Resource Solutions deal with that challenge head on and clients are telling us that we've come up with something that is exceptionally innovative and will help them immeasurably.

David Jackson, CEO

Resource Solutions from Shoosmiths


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