Shoosmiths’ Calum Stacey joins Financing Net Zero webinar

Shoosmiths recently took part in a webinar with Cornwall Insight to discuss the findings of the Electric Vehicle Country Attractiveness (EVCA) Index.

The Financing Net Zero panel discussion aimed to answer vital questions posed by the results of the index, which identified a range of factors, from purchase subsidies to national EV charging targets, upon which countries are ranked accurately on their EV appeal.

The report, which was sponsored by Shoosmiths and produced by Cornwall Insight, also revealed that the UK was the fifth most attractive European country for Electric Vehicle (EV) market potential.

Shoosmiths’ legal director in the energy and infrastructure team, Calum Stacey joined a panel of experts for the webinar including James McKemey of Pod Point, Nicolas Garnier of TotalEnergies, Katie Hickford of Cornwall Insight and Daniel Atzori, PhD, Cornwall Insight. 

The panel focused on what is needed to ensure the UK is a top EV charging infrastructure investment destination, how the UK can ensure its competitiveness when it comes to EV charging infrastructure investment amidst increasing competition between the US and the EU and to what constraints hinder the development of EV charging infrastructure.

Shoosmiths’ Calum Stacey said: “The EVCA Index provides a snapshot of what is a rapidly expanding and dynamic international market. The UK’s position in the top 5 in terms of investment attractiveness is well placed.

“However, as was highlighted by the panel of experts (including those from Pod Point and TotalEnergies who have already invested significant amounts into UK EV charging infrastructure) there are still improvements that can be made to encourage the efficient roll out of the necessary EV charging infrastructure in the UK. 

“Going forwards, with the predicted uptake of EV adoption and targeted government support, hopefully the UK will become the most attractive place for EV charging infrastructure investment and for investors to continue to deploy significant capital in the sector.”


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