The future of real estate

Estates Gazette’s latest Question Time event is focusing on the future of real estate – but it’s not just about bricks and mortar anymore, it’s about protecting the environment and people’s mental health. Ahead of this wide-ranging debate in London tomorrow, some of our real estate partners share their thoughts about what they are hearing from their clients, the market and some of their predictions.

Catherine Williams, partner at Shoosmiths says: "the build to rent sector has been a hot topic and clearly already taken off for millennials. We are now seeing a number of rental schemes aimed at the grey pound that have been in development practically completing and opening.

I will be watching with interest to see if the future of real estate for the older generation will see us lose our historical attachment to owning a property and renting instead.

Catherine Williams, Partner

The pace of change and requirement for technology-driven solutions is growing – so the real estate world has to improve at designing, constructing and operating buildings which are capable of easy recycling and of changing their identity and purpose two, three or four times within their lifecycle (which could be 25-40 years).

Catherine Hood, Partner

I think we will see developers offering renewable energy sources to power their developments in the planning process.

Lisa Williams, Partner


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