Corporate coaching and team development for in-house legal teams

Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the in-house legal team at a large, fast-moving, international business in the automotive sector.

Working closely with our clients, we have noticed that the support they need often goes above and beyond the law and the range of legal advice that we offer - however we are still able to help. In this case, we were able to provide one-to-one coaching and team development that helped/is helping an in-house legal team adapt to change and evolve their working methods to gain more operational efficiency.

Client need

The Head of Legal at a multi-divisional automotive client wanted to bring her team together more and set some new objectives and ways of working. The COVID pandemic had forced the group to radically rethink and revise their business model, becoming far more digital than ever before. In addition, they were actively on the acquisition trail, with the Group continuing to grow at pace.

In the space of a year, the operational legal team grew from 5 to 8, to keep pace with the Group’s legal needs. As a team, they needed to position themselves to best support their business colleagues in a challenging but exciting environment which is full of opportunity.


Shoosmiths’ Learning and Development Team have been working closely with the Head of Legal, to help her co-create the team’s purpose and vision, developing a team plan that provides the most effective support to their internal clients. This ‘plan on a page’ is underpinned by a collection of objectives and aspirations for which the team takes individual and collective responsibility. It is a living and breathing document which they can adapt with ease to respond to changes in their business environment, and which focuses efforts in terms of service delivery and team wellbeing.

The team’s plan led to various bespoke coaching sessions for the Head of Legal, as well as multiple group sessions with the wider legal team. We are currently coaching four of the in-house legal team on a one-to-one basis, as well as offering high performing teams training to the team as a whole.

Additional networks

To complement our coaching work, we also arranged for the Head of Legal to attend the 2021 Senior Leader Roundtable Programme (offered by Shoosmiths), as well as guest attendance at the Global GC Summit. This series of events allowed her to connect with other in-house lawyers in similar roles, so that they could share experiences and hear from a selection of renowned experts on various topics which are key to the businesses in which we operate.

The future

The way the team now works has significantly changed. Team meetings have been developed to focus on working smarter and more sustainably, with everyone in the team feeling more confident and that they are pulling in the same direction. With a healthier, happier, more focused team, the results are a stronger, more engaged team – with performance within the business at an all-time high.

“The Shoosmiths L&D team, led by Adam Wilson, is absolutely first-class. Adam’s experience and insight shine through, and
he can adapt his style to suit the needs of his individual and team clients. For me personally, working with Adam has enabled me to step back, take stock and focus on what really matters - both in terms of my performance and that of my team, but also our welfare, resilience and job satisfaction. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Adam to anyone looking for individual or team coaching”.

Client quote


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