2035 is the new E Day

“Now is the moment” said Sir David Attenborough. “2020 is the defining year for climate action”. Early on in 2020 the government appears to be pushing the same agenda with a new announcement on the date by which it will ban the sale of petrol and diesel cars.

Previously we had been told that we had until 2040 to clean up our act, but today this has been brought forward to 2035 (or earlier). From this date consumers will only be able to buy new electric or hyrdogen vehicles. This is subject to consultation but shows the mood music is changing

Yet another news item today seems to contradict the above ambition, as The Times reports the electric car grant has reached the end of the road, and will be scrapped in the spring budget.

It will be interesting to see how beleaguered car manufacturers cope with more bad news and how consumers will react to having to dig deeper in their pockets to buy a future proof vehicle earlier than E day.


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