2B? Probably not 2B

So if rumours are to be believed - considering the fact that its been shouted about on every media outlet since the weekend with some certainty - it would appear that Thursday, 18 November will see the long awaited publication of the Integrated Rail Plan, some 300+ days later than originally planned. Rumours are also abound that it will see the final nail in the coffin for Phase 2B of HS2, or at least part of it, in favour of upgrades to existing networks. 

We can't say for sure today what the position will be, but it seems safe to say that there will be some cities and regions disappointed by the announcement. Time will tell whether the proposed alternatives to HS2 will achieve the same benefits for those cities, but in the meantime there will no doubt be an analysis of the winners and losers. UK rail will be in the headlines for the foreseeable future as the consequences of the Spending Review, Budget and IRP are assessed. 

I for one will be looking for ways in which we can improve interconnectivity between our cities, particularly between the East and West, which were always the key benefits of HS2, along with capacity. Let's just hope that IRP delivers on these points...


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