AI predicted to increase headcount

Experis, a global leader in IT professional resourcing, project services and managed services, recently conducted a survey of over 2000 British employers in relation to the employment outlook for 2023. In response, 54% of employers anticipate that Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have a positive impact in headcount over the next 2 years.

This is surprising, since there have been concerns in recent years that AI will gradually replace the workforce with more efficient and cost-effective technologies. However, the survey results suggest the reverse is true and there is a generally positive attitude towards AI and the resulting impact it may have on future recruitment, upskilling and overall employee engagement. It is thought that tools such as virtual reality and ChatGPT, amongst others, can have a real positive impact on upskilling, reskilling and training. 60% of those that responded also expect the recruitment and onboarding process to be improved through similar technologies, which will help employers attract the best talent.

Rather than resisting AI technologies, embracing the new tools (or at least exploring them) may actually promote growth and creativity. Rahul Kumar, Director at Experis, makes reference in particular to call centres. It would seem that the key take-away is that AI is not to be feared. Instead organisations should view it as an opportunity to streamline some processes, allowing people to concentrate their efforts on the creative side of problem solving.

harnessing tech and AI for repetitive call queries can free up staff to provide a better service; focussing on the more complex issues that require full human attention and empathy

Rahul Kumar, Director at Experis


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