Broken Ladders: how change is needed for women of colour in the workplace

The workplace experience for women of colour has to change. Broken Ladders: The myth of meritocracy for women of colour in the workplace is the first report of its kind to focus on the experiences and perspectives of women of colour in the workplace. Published by the Fawcett Society in conjunction with The Runnymede Trust, the findings of the report show the stark reality and just how much change is needed:

- 75% of women of colour reported having experienced one or more forms of racism at work

- 61% of women of colour had changed something about themselves to fit in at work

- 28% of women of colour reported a manager having blocked their progression at work

These statistics are not just debilitating for women of colour, they also demonstrate just how much businesses are losing out - from absence related to mental health issues for those experiencing such treatment, to undermining the commitment and loyalty of those affected. Indeed, 45% of women of colour experiencing racism at work said it affected their ability or desire to stay in the role and 43% reported that being refused promotion led to a lack of motivation. 

Clearly change is needed, and the report sets out a number of recommendations to achieve this. It can only be hoped that employers and institutions will embrace these, not just because it is the right thing to do, but also because it makes business sense and will improve the ability to retain and develop skilled staff.


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