Care Quality Commission seeking feedback

The Care Quality Commission (CQC), the independent regulator of health and social care in England, is requesting feedback from members of the public about all services through this link - 

Because we all care | Care Quality Commission (

This was launched on 19 January and the CQC is encouraging as many people as possible to have their say.  

It is well publicised that there have been a huge amount of shortfalls in health and special care provision over the last couple of years, and I wonder if the CQC knows what it has let itself in for by asking for this feedback. Most of us probably have a number of issues to raise about the quality and timeliness of services, either for ourselves, family members, or friends and acquaintances. 

Vulnerable Court of Protection clients have certainly felt the pressure on services - delayed appointments, no visitors in hospital, difficulty accessing GP's services, shortages in social care staff, virtually non-existent mental health support - a seemingly endless list. I've spoken with many people who work in the health and social care sector who speak of staff leaving in droves, intense pressure, disorganisation, inability to provide the services that they want to be able to provide, and a significant reduction in job satisfaction.

It is difficult to see what the way ahead looks like for health and social care without very significant investment, but we should all seize the opportunity to provide feedback to the regulator in the hope that it can have some positive influence on the future direction of these services, which all of us are dependent on at some point in our lives.


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