Changes to strike rules unveiled

Is stepping into the middle of someone else's fight ever a good idea? That is the question that will have to be asked and answered by temporary staff if Parliament approves the changes to strike rules that were announced on 23 June 2022. The ability for a workforce to call for a strike has been the last resort for generations and until now, employers have had limited options to mitigate against the impact – that was always the point. 

Leaving aside the debate about weakening the tools available to trade unions, save a thought for the temporary workers (if the employer can find any) who would have to cross picket lines to pick up the work of the striking employees. And what about the agencies who will be asked to provide those staff - will they want to put themselves in the middle of the debate? A proposal that apparently serves to solve one element of unfairness seems to give rise to further issues. Is this an example of a hard case making bad law?


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