Electric Dreams

Everyone I talk to at the moment is thinking about swapping to an electric vehicle. It must be the Greta Thunberg effect. Even Jeremy Clarkson has accused her of "killing the car show". The Times reports that demand for second hand electric cars has hit a new high as manufacturers are struggling to cope with demand. And as demand increases for green vehicles the property industry is going to have to react quickly to the demand for charging points.

The government announced a charging infrastructure fund back in Autumn 2017. The aim being to deliver 3,000 charging points. There are also grants available for businesses and homeowners to install points. The charging point at the end of my road is always in use and I do not have an ability to charge at home. This struggle to get charged up will resonate amongst many wannabe electric switchers.

To deal with this demand we are going to need to see many thousands more points if the pent up demand is to be believed. Some forward thinking councils are all over this. Milton Keynes has a 230,000 population and has the highest number of council funded charging points, with 192 points across the town. Others (Kingston upon Hull and Northampton) have not installed any at their own cost. Ultimately, developers of residential, offices, and retail are going to have to factor this into their development proposals on a much grander scale than they have to date so that we can get plugged in at work or while shopping.


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