Even the automotive sector is recharging its batteries over the summer...

It seems fitting that at a time when many are taking the summer months to recharge their batteries, Octopus Energy Group and the National Grid Electricity System Operator have managed the first successful tests to see if electric vehicle batteries might do the same for the UK's energy grid.

In a series of tests, Octopus charged and discharged the batteries of up to 20 electric cars from participating customers to balance the needs of the energy grid. In short, this meant they were able to charge the cars during off peak periods and then use those same batteries to 'recharge' the grid itself at times of peak consumption. In doing so Octopus Energy estimates a saving of £62 million if this process could be rolled out nationally.

With energy prices at an all-time high could this vehicle-to-grid technology offer an unusual solution to rebalancing the UK's energy needs?


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