Green hydrogen guarantees of origin: Netherlands moves first

Green hydrogen has enormous potential on the road to net zero, both in decarbonising those sectors electrification struggles to reach and as an enabler of more renewable generation on electricity grids. But the scale of the vision for green hydrogen means that, as well as demand, the industry is already putting real thought into the infrastructure that will be needed to support the hydrogen economy of the future.

One of these is the challenge of physically matching demand to generation. The Hydrogen Council published a report earlier this month estimating that, by 2050, 190 (out of a projected 660) million tonnes of H2 will need to be transported across international borders. 

For green hydrogen in particular, global trade is a huge opportunity, but also a risk. How can an offtaker be sure the hydrogen that arrives in the tube trailer that parks up outside is really 'green'?

A pilot project in the Netherlands has taken a step towards answering that question and has issued what is believed to be the first green hydrogen guarantee of origin certificate for hydrogen in Europe, certifying that hydrogen has been generated from renewable electricity.

Although the project is national and incorporates just a small number of stakeholders, as legislators across the EU and the UK focus on what it takes to deliver a hydrogen revolution, those across the green hydrogen value chain can be hopeful that this small certificate marks a big milestone in bringing a key pillar of the green hydrogen business case one step closer to reality.


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