Growing number of flexible working claims

Statistic alert! Flexible Working claims heard by the Employment Tribunal Service increased by 52% over the last year.

Personally, I can only see such claims being brought within the Employment Tribunal - which is as a result of increased numbers of statutory requests being made by employees - continuing to rise since the removal of Plan B. 

Employers are already seeing an increase as a result of the pandemic and as they try to get their staff back to office working environments, many of whom have found themselves with additional caring responsibilities as a result of the pandemic, or preferred working from home practices. 

This is also at a time when we await further news from the government as to whether or not the right to make a flexible working request will become a day 1 right to all employees. 

It is also very clear from the recruitment industry that flexible working arrangements are a top agenda item for jobseekers. Clearly a lot more to come in this area


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