Keeping you updated: 2023 and the UK Covid-19 Inquiry

July 2022 saw the formal commencement of the UK Covid-19 Inquiry. Opened by Inquiry Chair Baroness Heather Hallett, we later witnessed preliminary hearings for Modules 1 and 2, held in October and November.

As a reminder, Modules 1 and 2 cover the overarching topics of the UK’s pandemic preparedness and resilience, and core political and administrative decision-making throughout the UK (incorporating sub-modules for Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), respectively. We then reported in December that the next activity is set to be the first preliminary hearing for Module 3 (to take place on 28 February). This module covers the impact of the pandemic on the healthcare sector.

The Inquiry has now formalised additional dates for the diary, publicising five further preliminary hearing dates for Modules 1 and 2 (including 2A, B and C for the devolved nations).  The dates for the hearings are:

  • Module 1 – 14 February
  • Module 2 – 1 March
  • Module 2A (Scotland) – 23 March
  • Module 2B (Wales) – 29 March
  • Module 2C (Northern Ireland) – 29 March

Whilst announcing new dates, the Inquiry team has communicated that “procedural matters” examining how each modular investigation will run will be the material of discussion throughout. We can also expect submissions from Counsel to the Inquiry, alongside input from Core Participants who will assist the team in preparing for the public hearings, where formal evidence is to be heard. An agenda is due to be published in the weeks prior to the next preliminary hearing.

In respect of hearing witness evidence from Core Participants, the first public hearing for Module 1 is set for May. As we’ve previously reported, the first investigation will be into the resilience and preparedness of the UK for a Coronavirus pandemic.

Shoosmiths will continue to monitor progress of the UK Covid-19 Inquiry and are on hand to assist with any queries or issues related to the Inquiry, including preparation for taking part, details of the modules, and how you and your business might want to get involved throughout the process.


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