New BSI standard on menstrual health and menopause in the workplace

The British Standards Institution (BSI) has released a new workplace standard relating to menstruation and menopause.

The BSI standard (BS 30416) aims to support the health and well-being of all employees who menstruate or experience peri/menopause. The standard suggests that there are many actions that employers can take to improve the accommodation of all its employees. It lists actions such as:

  • Using non-stigmatising language such as “menstrual products” instead of “feminine hygiene products”
  • Providing suitable facilities in which employees can access menstrual products
  • Creating a supportive culture
  • Appointing workplace menstruation and menopause advocates

The standard further says that it recognises that not all experiences of menopause transition and menstruation are the same and seeks to adopt an intersectional approach.

It is thought that this new standard will assist employers with retaining talent staff as previous research had shown that 10% of employees had left work due to menopause-related symptoms such as nausea, dizziness and insomnia.

Some employers may have already taken positive steps to support its employees going through the menopause or who menstruate but many will likely not know where to begin. This new standard should hopefully give employers some ideas to consider, especially employers with mobile or flexible workers.

Although menstruation and peri/menopause are natural bodily processes, some women, and other gender minorities (such as transgender men and nonbinary people) may need support and adjustments to ensure that they are able to attend work, effectively carry out their role, and benefit fully from workplace initiatives. The creation of this British Standard on menstrual and menopausal health is therefore a timely, vital, and ground-breaking step towards gender equality in the workplace.


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