New support for women in the workplace experiencing reproductive health issues

To help further the objectives of the Women’s Health Strategy for England (published by the Department of Health and Social Care in July 2022) £1.97m has been awarded to help women in the workplace who are experiencing reproductive health issues. The grant will be shared between 16 charities which include, amongst others, Fertility Network UK, Sands, Tommy’s and Mind.

The strategy is the first to focus on women’s health and over the next 10 years, it aims to ensure women feel:

  • able to speak openly about their health in the workplace;
  • supported at work when experiencing women's health issues;
  • confident that both their employer and colleagues are better equipped to support them through the provision of information and awareness as well as the implementation of policies and best practice; and
  • employees and carers' colleagues are being better informed about the potential impact caring responsibilities can have.

The recent funding will help deliver on these commitments with the focus being on reproductive health until 2025. It is designed to support women who have experienced pregnancy, pregnancy loss, menopause, fertility problems and other gynaecological conditions to remain in and return to the workplace. While the language used focuses on “women”, we expect that the focus will include any individual who experiences female orientated reproductive health issues.

This could be a real lifeline for those who would have otherwise felt unable to remain in employment. One area as an employer to definitely watch as 2023 progresses.


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