Permission to appeal granted in the NTL Pension Plan case

Earlier this month we published an article on the recent High Court judgment in relation to the NTL Pension Plan. Broadly speaking, as a result of the judgment, historic rule amendments affecting so called section 9(2B) rights could now be void if the appropriate actuarial confirmation under section 37 of the Pension Schemes Act 1993 was not obtained before the amendment was made.

On 21 July, the trustees of the NTL Pension Plan published an update to members confirming that the court has granted permission to appeal the High Court’s decision. A timetable for the appeal process has not yet been finalised, but it means that the position in the High Court judgment will now remain uncertain until the Court of Appeal hands down its own judgment. Consistent with this, the member update confirms that the trustees of the NTL Pension Plan will  not take any action on the outcome of the High Court judgment until the appeal is settled.


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