Pets, beds and sheds

Forgetting the dystopia analysis in my last blog, let's get back to some positivity and the rule of three. Three examples of resilience in a VUCA environment: living, logistics and Labradors. That was tenuous, but you have to love some alliteration. 

The Pets at Home story is no surprise. Everyone I know seems to have got, or is getting, a puppy. I am even getting a puppy. No fuss free, cute ball of fluff for us though, a redheaded velcro Vizsla - needy, high energy and dislikes the rain. Just like me and my family. 

It is fascinating how, in such a short time, (that feels like years) everything is on its head. I would never have dreamed having a puppy could work for us previously, but now it just might. 

After an upending of everything, it is natural for people to re-evaluate and consider if this is the right home, the right location, the right lifestyle? Those who were city dwellers are lured to the 'burbs and the countryside. London and our other big cities are not the same without the hustle, bustle and culture and, although this may change in the longer term, it's a push factor for many to take a leap.

The same goes for investment in real estate asset classes, some investors may now have to look to deviate from their "go to" real estate class to get secure rental income. Those who previously only wanted offices and retail may now look to the hot logistics sector and the "alternatives" of Later Living schemes (with their attractive 30 year long income) and private rented housing (set to be home to half a million households by 2040). The business pages are now reflecting the pandemic's effects, and sadly the vision we had in those early days of there being "no winners and no losers" was just wishful thinking.


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