Reproductive health screening - a new employee benefit?

With a greater emphasis being placed on reproductive health in the workplace, some employers have started introducing a staff benefit to allow employees and partners of employees access to an NHS-approved health assessment, which can screen for reproductive health issues.

Approved by the Care Quality Commission, the at-home testing kit provided by Hertility claims to test up to 10 reproductive hormones, allowing individuals to assess the full picture of their hormonal health and understand how this may impact not just fertility, but also physical and mental wellbeing.

Hertility, founded by 3 female scientists, estimates 13.8 days are lost per employee per year due to reproductive health issues and that it would cost approximately £30,614 to replace an established employee. By providing these tests, employers may be able to help their employees address any issues early and avoid losing valued members of staff.

With employers such as Channel 4 already on board and big brands such as Sweaty Betty and Charlotte Tilbury following suit, this may prove to be a popular benefit for many moving forwards.


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