Shared and halved – collaboration the key to retail’s future

The pandemic has been a difficult time for retail, but it has also brought about some positive change in the structure of retail leases.

In spring 2020, Shoosmiths chaired a webinar, following the onset of the pandemic, where it was suggested that landlords and tenants would need to recognise their symbiotic relationship and work together in order to survive. There has been a mixed approach since then from both landlords and tenants but, overall, we are now seeing that prediction play out in the structure of retail leases.

In this article, published in the British Retail Consortium’s The Retailer magazine in February 2021, real estate partner, Beth McArdle, and real estate disputes partner, Kirsty Black, discuss how the retail landscape has changed over the last year and how a collaborative approach is the answer as we look towards a bright future for the sector.

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