Frequently asked questions

If you are joining our next webinar, these FAQs should help prepare you and provide all the relevant information you need ahead of time.

What platform do you use for your webinars?

All webinars are conducted via Zoom. For more information about Zoom webinars, please click here.

How do I log in to the webinar?

On the day of the webinar, you will be able to log in 10 minutes before the start time by clicking the webinar link in your confirmation email or diary appointment. A web browser will be launched, click on the ‘launch meeting’ button and enter your name and the email address that you registered with, along with the webinar password. Click the ‘Join webinar’ button to enter the webinar.

If the webinar hasn’t started yet, a box will appear on your screen to let you know that the webinar will begin soon. Once you join the webinar, you will receive a prompt to let you know that the webinar is being recorded – select ‘continue’ to enter the webinar

How do I access the webinar via a mobile device or tablet?

On your mobile device or tablet, click on the webinar link provided by our Events team and one of two things will happen after your browser opens:

1. If you have the app on your device already, the app will open up automatically and you will be prompted to input in your log in details - you will then join the webinar


a) If you do not have the Zoom app installed, you will be asked to download it. Once the app is installed, you can click on the webinar link again from your confirmation email and you will enter the webinar

The Zoom app is available for Android and iOS devices. Click on the appropriate link below to download the app.

b) You will see an option at the bottom of the screen to dial in to the webinar – click the link, call the first number on the list and key in the webinar ID and passcode, followed by #. You will have now entered the webinar.

Do I need to mute myself on the webinar?

No, we’ll take care of that for you. All delegates are automatically muted on arrival. Microphone and camera functions will not be available and are disabled by default.

I have joined the webinar, but why can’t I hear the panellists?

Panellists will usually mute themselves until the webinar start time. To check that you will be able to hear them when they eventually begin, click the ‘Audio settings’ button on the bottom left corner of your screen and click on ‘Test Speaker’. If you cannot hear the test sound, select a different speaker

The webinar has begun, but I still can’t hear the panellists, what should I do?

Check the volume level on your device and ensure it is not on mute

Click the ‘Audio settings’ button on the bottom left corner of your screen and select a different device in the speaker drop down menu

Click the small arrow on the ‘Audio settings’ button and select ‘Switch to Phone Audio’. Select the country/ region you are joining from and dial into the webinar by calling 0330 088 5830 and have the Webinar ID to hand.

Can I ask questions during the webinar?

Of course, we will try and cover as many questions as we can during or at the end of the session. Any questions we can’t get to, we will try our best to cover in our post webinar takeaway notes, accessible on our website. To ask a question, simply hover over the bottom of the webinar screen with your mouse and click on the Q&A icon. Type out your question and hit ‘send’ to submit.

Unless you submit anonymously, the host and panellists will be able to see your questions, who you are and your contact information. If your question(s) is selected, it will be visible to all attendees.

Can I change the video layouts of panellists?

To ensure you receive the best experience during our webinar, we will select the most appropriate video layout for attendees in advance, taking into consideration the format of session. You will not be able change the layout through your settings.

Are the webinars recorded?

All of our webinars are recorded and are added to our website as soon as possible after a webinar has taken place - you will receive an email notification once these are available.

All of our past webinar recordings and key takeaway notes are available to view on our Events webpage.

Where can I provide feedback?

Please take a minute or two at the end of the webinar to complete our online survey – we value your feedback! You can also email [email protected] with any feedback (positive or negative!) to enable us to tailor future events more closely to your needs in these ever changing times.

Where can I find out about future webinars?

To register for our upcoming webinars, please view our Events webpage.

Where can I sign up to receive mailings or update my mailing preferences?

To subscribe to our alerts and receive our latest insights and legal updates, please sign up here.

You can also keep your details and preferences updated by logging into our preference manager.

We look forward to connecting with you!