The role of the architect

What influence do architects have on the ESG agenda? Which sectors are seeing the most activity and investment from an ESG perspective?

In recent years, the ESG agenda has gained increasing prominence, both in the corporate world and in society at large. However, the idea of ESG – or investing your money to make a positive impact on others – is not new. Over the last century, it has been referred to by different names including ‘moral capitalism’ and ‘responsible investing’.

In the same way that ESG could be said to be a re-brand of socially responsible investing, there is nothing new in designing responsibly. In fact, I would argue that it is what we, as architects, have always done. Simply put, responsible design is just ‘good design’.

Responsible design is of course about more than just the appearance of buildings – it has the potential to impact positively on the environment and on people’s lives through their interaction with, and experience of, buildings and the spaces between them. The architect’s role in this is fundamental.

As a business, we cannot succeed unless our cities and people are successful as well."

A The rise of social value on the policy agenda is a real opportunity for architects to demonstrate the value of what they do.”


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