EIS Association guide helps investors get 'under the bonnet' of Enterprise Investment Scheme

A guide explaining how the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) works and its many benefits to investors and the small companies it funds has been created by the EIS Association (EISA).

EIS: Under the Bonnet follows the path of an EIS investment, from the initial sourcing of funds from UK tax-paying investors, through the different stages of the investment's life cycle, to the point when investments are exited.

'We've published this guide because EIS investing is becoming more popular and the investor demographic is broadening to encompass a wider range of people, some of whom may be less familiar with this exciting and rewarding area of UK equity investing,' says Mark Brownridge, Director General of the EIS Association.

'By helping to educate investors and their advisers about what to expect from EIS investing, we hope to provide interesting and practical insights into the sector and to raise awareness of the scheme so that more investors can benefit from it.'

EIS: Under the Bonnet uses examples and case studies to illustrate how an EIS investment works in practice, and includes sections about how to invest, how investments are typically sourced by professional investment managers and information about the high levels of specialist support that investee companies receive (in addition to the growth financing itself). It also outlines typical exit scenarios, such as the sale of the business to another company or stock market listing. There is information about an EIS fund portfolio might perform and a Q&A section for anyone considering making an EIS investment.

The guide has been produced by the EIS Association in conjunction with four sponsors; law firm Shoosmiths, investment manager Par Equity, fund administrator Mainspring Fund Services, and research consultancy Hardman & Co.

Tom Wilde, Tax Partner and EIS Specialist for Shoosmiths LLP said: 'This guide provides clear and concise advice on investing via the EIS, enabling investors to fully understand what they can expect when they have done so. We have seen increasing growth in the number and scale of EIS investments being made, often for much needed technological innovations that offer wide reaching benefits to multiple sectors such as health, technology and education, so we are pleased to help promote further the great work that EIS and SEIS funding can do.'

The guide can be downloaded from the EIS Association here.


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