Shoosmiths launches ESG 360 compliance audit tool

20 March 2023 – Law firm Shoosmiths has launched ESG 360, a free online compliance audit tool to enable organisations to understand their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance.

ESG 360 users receive a personalised report providing red, amber or green ratings in relation to various elements of ESG compliance performance, alongside commentary and suggestions for improvement. 

Built around an online questionnaire, ESG 360 allows users to assess their general ESG performance or focus on specific aspects.

The tool includes Environmental modules, such as:

  • Environmental management and compliance
  • Climate change and energy
  • Water
  • Product stewardship
  • Land and buildings
  • Waste and resources
  • Producer responsibility

It also covers Social aspects, including:

  • General regulatory compliance
  • Health and safety
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Anti-corruption, anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering
  • Modern slavery

Governance modules that ESG 360 offers include:

  • ESG systems and procedures
  • Corporate governance
  • Statutory requirements
  • Payment practices
  • Supply chain management
  • Cybercrime and data breaches
  • Data privacy

Angus Evers, a partner at Shoosmiths who focuses on all aspects of environmental law, said:

“We launched ESG 360 following conversations with a number of clients who were struggling to get a good overview of their organisations’ ESG compliance performance. ESG 360, which we are offering without charge, enables organisations to spot and home in on any areas of particular concern, signalling aspects of ESG where they may be at risk of non-compliance or falling behind best practice, as well as ways in which they can sustain and build on compliance in other areas.”


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