Shoosmiths looks to the future with 'The New How'

UK law firm Shoosmiths is trailblazing out of lock-down with its forward-looking initiative, ‘The New How’.

Led by partners David Jackson and Tony Randle, ‘The New How’ focuses on how businesses could and should be working to perform optimally in the ‘new normal’.

Shoosmiths has been listening to its clients, taking in what they need to work more efficiently and has developed a suite of products designed for smarter, faster and better working. Products such as matters+ revolutionises legal ops for in-house counsel, providing them with their ‘mission control centre’; Live Working is a free online platform available on any device for clients to stay up to date with the Shoosmiths legal team; and Cia (Contract: Intelligent Analysis) is a brand new AI contract review and mark-up platform that will review and correct a contract in minutes.

Shoosmiths partner, David Jackson, said: “The New How is all about looking forward – looking at how we and our clients emerge successfully from lock down, taking the lessons learned from these unprecedented times to operate better than we did before.

“The New How is about doing things differently, embracing change and standing out from the crowd. Our innovative client-facing products, services and processes complement this mindset. Businesses large and small have all had to adapt to ways they never would have imagined even a few months ago and this will only serve to accelerate the need for smart legaltech platforms and improved ways of working.”

Shoosmiths’ Tony Randle, added: “The basics of much of what we do for clients may not change but ‘how’ we do it absolutely will - and should! Every business we have spoken to wants to emerge from this crisis better than before.

“Most major businesses are already devoting a lot of management time to ensuring that the future looks better than the past. These products don’t change what is done, but they radically change how it is done so that it is delivered smarter, faster and better.”

Weetabix and Scania are examples of two clients for whom Shoosmiths has helped on their journey of finding their #NewHow. Weetabix general counsel, Helen Wilson, talks about how implementing matters+ helped her legal team align more closely with the wider business priorities – watch the video, here.


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