Business in the Digital Age - Episode 3: Nadia Papamichail

Paul Caddy chats to Nadia Papamichail on effective decision making.

Nadia Papamichail is a Professor at Alliance Manchester Business School (at the University of Manchester) and a Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute—the UK's national institute for data science and artificial intelligence. She has previously held research posts at the Universities of Leeds and Manchester, as well as a visiting lectureship at Warwick Business School.

Nadia’s research focuses on improving decision-making using technology. In her co-authored book on decision making, Nadia notes that while humans may be the best decision makers on the planet, we aren’t quite as good as we think we are. We’re regularly subject to biases, inconsistencies and irrationalities in our decision making.

In this podcast, we explore how we can get better at something we probably don’t think about very much at all: making better decisions, particularly using tech.

The Business in the Digital Age podcast features interviews with changemakers, mould-breakers, future leaders and other leading figures, who show us what matters in the digital age, and accompanies the book 'Legal Practice in the Digital Age'.

Written by David Jackson, Paul Caddy and Tony Randle, the book contains the hard-won insights lawyers and firms need to survive and thrive in the complex, post-pandemic age.

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