ESG – Practical Points for Business – Episode 1: Five actions for the coming months

ESG seems a combination of the mysterious and complex. In this series we demystify and reduce to plain speaking the subject of ESG for GCs, COs and other members of the C-suite, who ultimately are responsible for the ESG aspects of the business.

Kiran Desai, Head of Shoosmiths Brussels is joined by colleague Robert Forsyth and guests from Ankura, Lorynn Demedtriades and Brian Stuart, and from DRD Partners, Lawrence Dore, to identify some recent developments, including:

  • The EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive,
  • Vedanta-like litigation,
  • Greenwashing,
  • The role of internal data, and
  • External aspects of corporate communications.

Listen to the podcast below and send any questions or feedback to [email protected].

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