How the UK’s real estate sector is key to delivering a levelled-up UK

Levelling up was barely mentioned in the recent “mini budget”, reports say barely any of the levelling up funds have actually been spent and figures show that since the first time then PM Boris Johnson uttered those two words “levelling up” in 2020, our regional cities continue to lag behind the capital. Investment is 23% lower, take up 12% lower and average rents a whopping 54% lower.

Shoosmiths partner, Deborah Gordon Brown, joined the panel on this episode of the EG Property Podcast, hosted by EG editor Samantha McClary, to discuss how the UK’s cities are “levelling up” – or not – regardless of the politics.

Deborah was joined on the panel by:

  • Kat Martindale, director and head of ESG research, Savills
  • Simon McCabe, chief executive, Scarborough Group International
  • Jackie Sadek, regeneration practitioner, Urban Strategy

You can listen to the podcast here: Property over politics: How the UK’s real estate sector is key to delivering a levelled-up UK

This episode runs as an aural accompaniment to EG’s UK Cities Guide, which was sponsored by Shoosmiths and which looks at how well our cities are performing when it comes to the green agenda and the importance of the role of infrastructure – physical and digital – when it comes to creating an equal UK.


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