Shoosmiths on TAP - Risk transfer series, episode 1: Preparing for Buy in and Buyout

Suzanne Burrell is joined by Adam Davis, Managing Director of K3 Advisory, and Becky Wood, Trustee Director at Vidett, to discuss recent risk transfer market experience, preparing for buy in or buy out, and some common issues in those projects.

Last year, 2022, saw the completion of around 200 risk transfer transactions, representing around £30bn in liabilities moving from pension schemes to insurers. In 2023 we are already seeing a very busy market, and thanks to improved funding positions for many defined benefit schemes, this year the number and value of transactions looks set to be even higher.

In recent months the pensions press has been commenting on capacity issues in the buy out market. For schemes aiming to buy out, preparation will be key, and Suzanne, Adam and Becky discuss some of the steps schemes should be taking to stand the best chance of transacting in a busy market. Stay tuned for future episodes in this risk transfer series where we will be discussing the later stages of a buy out project as well as alternatives to buy out. Until then, you can find more information on today's speakers at and

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