Could swappable car batteries accelerate the UK’s transition to electric vehicles?

That’s the question Shoosmiths and Cornwall Insight’s recent report sought to answer, investigating the role the Battery-as-a-Service (BaaS) model could play as part of the UK’s electric vehicle charging network.

In a new video, Jonathan Smart, partner and head of mobility at Shoosmiths, discusses the BaaS model, which enables electric vehicle owners and business fleets to swap out depleted batteries for fully charged ones at a service station via a subscription service.

Jonathan analyses global examples of the technology in use and reveals the report’s findings – Battery-as-a-Service: an underexplored opportunity – putting forward the potential benefits of the model, including reducing the upfront costs of an EV and providing a solution to inner city charging.

Jonathan also details the barriers holding it back, including a lack of battery standardisation across vehicle manufacturers and the major investment needed to develop and service the technology.

Despite these challenges, Jonathan explains how the BaaS model could work in the UK with the right investment, business collaboration and regulatory framework – highlighting that technologies like BaaS must be considered should the government continue aiding the transition to electric vehicles and deliver on its plans to halt the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030.


Read the full report from Shoosmiths and Cornwall Insight: Battery-as-a-Service: an underexplored opportunity?


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