ESG and the planning system

The planning system has a key role to play in both facilitating and legislating for environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles. 

In the final instalment of Shoosmiths’ planning video series, legal director Sam Grange and associate Eram Watson examine how the real estate industry and planning system is incorporating ESG. 

Sam and Eram analyse the National Planning Policy Framework and how this central document - based on values of transparency and accountability - promotes ESG principles. This is alongside policies already dedicated to mitigating the impact of climate change and protecting the environment. 

Both experts also cover how the planning system is prioritising the S of ESG, with local planning authorities increasingly requiring developers to create schemes that deliver social value. They put forward the build to rent sector as leading the way in cultivating communities of tenants whose willingness to utilise space and engage with neighbours goes beyond the occupation of a building.

Sam and Eram reaffirm why it is critical to consider ESG at the outset of a project – explaining how this can help lower the costs of implementation and ensure that residential and commercial schemes can be delivered in a viable way, while enabling developers to maximise the opportunities of ESG.



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