Brewgooder talks Shoosmiths colleagues about mission to fund clean water projects

Alan Mahon, co-founder of Brewgooder, was a special Shoosmiths guest when he visited our Edinburgh office Tuesday 25 July 2017 as the latest speaker in our Lunchtime Leaders series of talks.

In early 2016 and launched on World Water Day, Alan, together with co-founder, Josh Littlejohn, set out on a mission to provide clean water for one million people through the power of craft beer by donating 100% of their profits to clean water charities.

In an inspiring talk, Alan told the Brewgooder story from the genesis of the idea formed (appropriately enough) in the pub, through to their successful crowdfunding, and onwards to selling more than 250,000 cans and 100,000 pints of their Clean Water Lager.

This has meant that, in their first year, Brewgooder have been able to fund two new well projects in Malawi, providing 5,000 people with access to sustainable, clean, and safe drinking water.

Stuart Clubb, Edinburgh partner in our commercial litigation team commented afterwards ‘It was interesting to hear Alan’s views on the power and benefits of social media, as he explained how it enables smaller businesses to ‘punch above their weight’, although he also emphasised the importance of not ‘bombarding’ followers with content.

One of Alan’s messages was to encourage any advisor (e.g. legal, financial etc.) to think long term when approached by start-up businesses seeking professional support at the very outset of their journey.

Edinburgh Partners drinks are hosted at the end of every month and we use this event to offer Brewgooder beer as a drink option, thus helping to play a small part in the success of Brewgooder’s clean water mission.’


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