Planting power Shoosmiths sponsors Woodland Trust Langley Vale Grove project

Shoosmiths is helping the Woodland Trust to plant new native woodland in the UK.

A donation of £17,825 will allow the Trust to plant a grove of approximately 750 trees at Langley Vale Wood in Epsom, Surrey.

The trees will provide shelter and food for wildlife, as well as offering people a place to visit and connect with nature. They will also help to combat climate change by absorbing harmful carbon dioxide. The grove will have the capacity to absorb approximately 160 tonnes of carbon over 50 years, rising to 200 tonnes after a century.

Shoosmiths’ grove, which will cover one acre, will be marked by a plaque and post, highlighting its involvement. The donation encompasses ongoing care and management of the trees to ensure they grow into maturity and stand tall for generations to come.

Karl Mitchell, Woodland Trust director of fundraising, said: “Shoosmiths’ donation will help us continue the transformation of Langley Vale from intensively managed farmland into thriving native woodland that supports an abundance of life. The trees planted will deliver a vast array of benefits for wildlife, people and the environment.”

Langley Vale is part of the Trust’s Centenary Wood’s project, which is creating a living legacy to all of those affected by the First World War. Millions of trees are being planted across the UK, providing a poignant tribute that will grow for decades.


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