Shoosmiths awarded Pennies from Heaven gold award for eighth consecutive year

On 20 March 2019 Shoosmiths LLP won a Pennies from Heaven Gold Award in recognition of the high numbers of our staff participating in Pennies from Heaven. 

Kate Frost Pennies from Heaven commented ‘The popularity of the scheme not only reflects the generosity of your staff but also the tremendous effort you have put into communicating and promoting it through the year. Only a handful of employers are receiving this distinction – to have over 20% of your staff donating their pennies is a fantastic achievement. This year we are giving out a record 41 Awards of which six are for employers who only launched the scheme in 2018 – it is the year the class of 2018 really took home the gold medals.

We hope that your Award helps raise the profile of Pennies from Heaven even further and encourages others to join in. Approximately 37% of your staff currently donate their ‘spare’ pennies to charity via Pennies from Heaven and since the scheme began, they have raised over £27,000 (as at February 2019) for your nominated charities which will have made a significant difference to them. You can find more information about the Awards and a full list of winners at Pennies from Heaven

May we congratulate you and your staff again on this achievement and thank you on behalf of all of us at Pennies from Heaven for your ongoing support. Pennies from Heaven employers have contributed to the 470,000,000 pennies raised through the scheme to date - There can be little doubt that small change is making a big change.’


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