Shoosmiths competes in annual Northampton Dragon Boat Race 2017

If there is one day of the year that Shoosmiths’ core value of “Pulling Together” is finely executed, it is the annual Dragon Boat Race organised by the Northampton Rotary Club.

On Sunday 16th July 2017, twenty-two excited, and a little nervous, Shoosmiths employees, accompanied by numerous supporting spectators, took to the waters of Billing Aquadrome in Northampton to raise money for the Northants and Warwickshire Air Ambulance, along with a number of other charities supported by the Rotary Club.

Shoosmiths’ entered two teams, consisting each of 10 rowers and 1 drummer, who gave their all to try and paddle the firm to victory over its neighbours. The team entered into the ‘Open’ category achieved times of 58.46, 57.82 and 53.14 seconds per heat, the second team, which competed in the ‘Mixed’ category, achieved times of 68.09, 61.67 and 59.24 seconds.

Both teams were extremely competitive on the day, however unfortunately neither team could quite squeeze into the big final showdown, where Dig Deeper (Hewlett & Co) stormed it with an absolutely rapid 48.95 second run.

More importantly for the Shoosmiths teams, we completed all races without capsizing or crashing, which cannot be said for all, with spectators being treated to an epic/slow motion crash causing the dragon head to snap off and both boats to sink.

As always, Shoosmiths dug deep and did our bit to fundraise for this worthy cause, whether by eating copious amounts of doughnuts, or playing football in the car park. When combined with the entrance fee for the event and a generous firm donation, a fantastic £1,739.70 was raised.

A massive thank you to everyone who participated and to those who organised the fundraising events and the day itself. Until next year!


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