Shoosmiths' continued support for the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance

Shoosmiths has been a signatory since May 2022. During the 2023/2024 financial year we reviewed our in-person attraction events (insight evenings) which we had been running at ten of our office locations in the UK.

Due to the travel commitments for representatives and attendees at these events, as well as the refreshments and food orders (which in the past had generated food waste) we decided to move these events all online. We were therefore able to focus on reaching a broader and more diverse audience across the UK, from further distances and without associated travel.

We recognise that in-person events still play an important role in early careers, so instead we spent time at events run by universities or partners, where students were already travelling to meet a number of law employers at the same time. Therefore, making the students’ journeys more efficient.

The Emerging Talent team created best practice guidance for use in the firm by anyone who is hosting a careers event or attending a law fair. It provides an overview of what we do, why, and tips on how to easily implement sustainable initiatives.

Our plans include:

  • Sharing the guidance further in the firm (not just for careers-related events), and with clients.
  • Building upon our digital outreach work and renewing our #ShoosmithsLIVE content as a podcast, with ESG and sustainability appearing as key topics among our planned speakers.

In the careers space we’ll build upon the firm’s ESG work with support from senior management, and ultimately the board. This stakeholder alignment is crucial for the next 12 months.

To find out more about the work of the Sustainable Recruitment Alliance see here.



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