Shoosmiths donates used IT equipment to computer projects in the UK and Africa

We work with partner organisations to ensure that equipment that can no longer be used within the business is re-used or recycled by others.

Computer AidSince 2008, Shoosmiths has donated redundant IT equipment to Computer Aid International, a charity that helps disadvantaged communities to access digital equipment that will improve their lives. Computer Aid takes the equipment, wipes the data from it and donates it to different programmes across the world. Our computers typically have a five-year life and by donating them in this way we can extend the life of our equipment by another three to four years.

During 2019/2020 441 IT assets were donated (2,313 kg) to Computer Aid. Of the 441 items donated 338 units were re-used (1,584 kg) and 103 (729 kg) were recycled with the re-used assets sent to six projects in Africa and 21 in the UK, with some being sold through Tier 1 to raise funds for other Computer Aid projects. (47% to the UK, 35.6% sold for funds, 6.4% to Ethiopia, 4.5% to Angola, 3.8% to Zimbabwe, 1.5% to Burundi, 0.8% to Malawi and 0.4% Ghana). No assets went to landfill as Computer Aid’s downstream partners operate a manual disassembly process, breaking down items to their constituent parts which are then sent to specialist refiners for re-use and recycling.

‘Shoosmiths’ ongoing donations of equipment have benefited more organisations than ever before, as well as helping us with our educational projects. We would like to thank everyone at Shoosmiths for supporting our mission to create a world where everyone has equal access to technology.’ - Alice Walker-Mitchell, Marketing Officer, Computer Aid International


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